Thai Oil Massage

Thai oil massage is one of the most popular treatments! Relax on the massage bed and feel the tension leave you muscles. Many people say they feel lighter, walk taller, healthier and have a clearer mind after.

I tailor each massage to the individual. Whether it’s a deep relaxing massage you need to switch off and de-stress, or you have a niggling pain that needs soothing and fixing, with Thai oil massage that’s what we can do.

My personal style of Thai oil massage uses a combination of traditional Thai techniques which apply pressure to the muscles – soft or extra firm depending on what you prefer. When oil is used to give broad, firm sweeping strokes across the body, it is very relaxing and also deeply healing.

If you have a specific pain, such as sciatica, bad back, sore legs or stiff neck, Thai oil massage is great for fixing that. My training in anatomy and physiology helps to find the muscles and ligaments causing problems, and relieve the tension and knots here. This traditional Thai style is also uses parts of Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, aromatherapy massage,  sports massage and physiotherapy.

My price: £35 – 1 hour / £50 – 90 minutes / £60 – 2 hours