Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue and sports massage is kind of treatment to have for active people who push their bodies with exercise.

Muscles and tendons often get tight, sore and injured.  A deep tissue massage will target the tension that causes pain.

For example, after playing a football match or a strenuous game of tennis,  the next day muscles will often be sore or strained muscles.

A deep tissue massage will be ideal for this. The soft oil relaxes the nerves and muscles, while firm pressure from a massage will sooth the muscles and help the tightness and stiffness that always comes after vigorous sport.

Muscles that have been stiff or tight for a long time, will often be sore when they are first touched. Remember the saying ‘no pain, no gain’. Massage will stretch the muscles and tendons helping to rebalance the body and improve flexibility and movement.

My price: £35 – 1 hour / £50 – 90 minutes / £60 – 2 hours