There are many different types of massage available. Personally I try to tailor each massage to you – because everybody has a different body and has different needs. If you want to just relax, that’s fine. Or if you want relaxation, but also a nagging ankle problem looked at, that’s also possible. If you’re super tense and need frozen shoulders unlocking, I can do that, too. Please call if you have any questions. All massages include head, neck, shoulder, back and reflexology foot massage.

Thai Oil Massage : Thai oil massage is one of the most popular treatments! Relax on the massage bed and feel the tension leave you muscles. Many people say they feel lighter, walk taller, healthier and have a clearer mind after. Read more

Prices: £35 / hour,  £60 / 2 hours

Traditional Thai Massage : Traditional Thai massage is a technique that stretches back hundreds of years. It doesn’t involve oil, but instead relies on stretching muscles and limbs, and applying firm pressure to areas. Read more

Prices: £35 / hour,  £60 / 2 hours

Sports Deep Tissue Massage : Deep tissue and sports massage is kind of treatment to have for active people who push their bodies with exercise. Muscles and tendons often get tight, sore and injured.  A deep tissue massage will target the tension that causes pain. Read more

Prices: £35 / hour,  £60 / 2 hours

Relaxing Oil Massage : Sometimes we just need to de-stress, turn off and let our frayed nerves recover – especially at the end of a hectic week at work. Read more

Prices: £35 / hour,  £60 / 2 hours

Exfoliating Body Scrub : Exfoliating body scrub combines massage with a skin treatment. A homemade mixture of  natural salts and herbal creams are used to treat the skin. Read more

Prices: £55 / 90 minutes

Reflexology Foot Massage : A very popular massage in Thailand is the reflexology foot massage. Lie back in the chair and have your toes, feet, ankles and calves pampered. This is especially good if you’ve spent a long time standing on your feet or walking. Read more

Prices: £35 / hour,  £60 / 2 hours

Couples Massage

Bring him or her with you for relaxation. You can take it in turns to have massage or by prior arrangement I can arrange a second masseuse so that you are massaged together in the same room.

Prices: £60 if one after the other