Reflexology Foot Massage

A very popular massage in Thailand is the reflexology foot massage. Lie back in the chair and have your toes, feet, ankles and calves pampered. This is especially good if you’ve spent a long time standing on your feet or walking.

Thai foot massage uses many of the same techniques as reflexology. This is a system that involves applying pressure to certain points of the foot that link to vital organs inside the body. For example, the big toe is linked to the sinuses and head, so  firmly massaging and pressing this point can relive headaches.

Many people who have foot massage say after that they feel better from head to toe. Once you’ve had a couple of treatments from an experienced masseuse, it’s also something that you can do at home. I have foot reflexology charts and Thai wooden massage sticks that I can give you to take away and do yourself, too.

My price: £30 – 1 hour