Refreshed And Ready For Massage!

I’m back from summer holidays and ready for massage!

It’s amazing what a good holiday can do. A week in the sun and I’m feeling refreshed and ready to go again.

It might only have been a few days it Italy, but a change of scenery does the word of good.

I’ll be working as normal now. Available from around noon everyday until 10pm at night.

Away On Summer Holidays!

Thanks for visiting. But I’m away on Summer holidays until August 15th.

If you’d like to book a massage for when I get back, please send me a message on 07840 982490

Thank you and enjoy the summer


My new pink lampshade

Very happy with my new pink lampshade. It comes from Thailand, handmade by a friend of mine. The soft red hue in the room is very relaxing, now…

Back from holiday! Massage service resuming

Hello again everyone. I’m back from my summer holiday visiting a friend in France. And service is back to normal.

Thank you to everyone who has visited me since I got back! I look forward to getting  back to normal and providing the same massage service as before! I will be open until 10pm every day. I look forward to meeting lots of new people too.


Parking restrictions during Ashes test match at Trent Bridge

As anyone who has visited me knows I’m located on the road next to Trent Bridge cricket ground. Which is great, there is free on street parking all day every day. But it also means that during big games the cricket people take over.

So during the England v Australia test match all on street parking on Fox Road will be suspended. However, here’s the good news…

Parking will be available as normal in my private, locked and gated 0ff-street car park. It’s on Fox Road, and easy to find.

Oh, and just remember to leave 10 minutes early to arrive here because there’ll be a bit of cricket traffic, and people milling around in the road.

Parking restriction on Fox Road during Ashes test match

Parking restriction on Fox Road during Ashes test match

Five things to consider when looking for a Thai massage

Choosing the right place to have a Thai massage isn’t always easy. Most of the time it comes down to experience and finding the one that suits your own personal preferences. However, there are ways to narrow down that search. Here are five things to consider to find the right Thai massage.

1. Professional

Perhaps the most important thing to look for is a masseuse who is professional. Someone who has the right qualifications, training and takes their massage job serious. They keep their massage room clean and organised, and their focus is on helping you and your body. People feel much more comfortable when they know the person is safe and secure – and a genuine therapist.

2. Experience

An experience Thai masseuse can work on the body more effectively than one who has only had a little training. Plus, if in an experienced masseuse stretches the wrong area or stands in the wrong place it can do more damage than good.

3. Price

An important factor for everyone – price. Thai massage should be priced reasonably enough to be accessible to everyone, but not so low that it makes it hard for the masseuse. Independent masseuses working from home can have lower prices, while those in shops or working for somebody else charge higher. There are always many business expenses, so the average cost for one hour of massage is between £30 and £45 depending on location.

 4. Physical need

Think about what your body needs – and ask the Thai massage therapist if they have experience of dealing with these problems. For example, an experienced Thai masseuse will know how to treat the sciatica nerve or tension in the neck. Ask first if they can fix you, before booking to see them.

5. Location

In the modern world location is very important as many people travel by car. This means that free parking has to be available. Also, it is easier to find a masseuse in the local city rather than 100 miles away – though some people will always have personal favorites that their willing to travel a long way for!

Massaging my friend in his garden

What a lovely sunny weekend. It was a good chance for me to have a BBQ with a friend in his garden. Unfortunately he had his own massage table that he had bought from me… and I ended up giving him a massage in his garden.

It’s the first time somebody’s had a massage from me on an actual table in their backgarden… but with this beautiful weather it’s actually very nice. What could be better than a BBQ, fresh air, sunshine and fixing all those body aches and pains from the week!

Me giving my friend a massage in his backgarden with the sun shining

Me giving my friend a massage in his backgarden with the sun shining

Tea and massage with my new coffee table

Finally got new coffee table to drink tea at after massage! Many people have a cup of Thai green tea after they finish. And we sit down and chat. But recently it was annoying because I didn’t have a table. Anyway, I went to Ikea and got this beautiful black one! It looks nice with the Thai reed coasters as well. Also I got a hat and coat stand so when people take off their shirts they have somewhere to hang them and they don’t get creased!

These are reed wicker coasters with silk elephant design from Thailand

These are reed wicker coasters with silk elephant design from Thailand

My new black coffee table

My new black coffee table

Enjoy tea after your massage

Enjoy tea after your massage

Welcome to my new site

Welcome to my new site! It’s been a while but it’s finally here… and you can stay up to date with massage, especially offers and promotions. If you’re a regular customer please have a look around, and take the time to share the site on Facebook or Twitter. If you’ve never been before but are thinking about having a Thai massage, please give me a call and I’ll be sure to advise you. Georgia

Summer is here

Summer is here – so take advantage of the lighter evenings with a massage.

I will be be working until 10pm every night with last booking at 9pm. That means you have have a massage, finish and still have time to catch the last rays of sun by the river!