Five things to consider when looking for a Thai massage


Choosing the right place to have a Thai massage isn’t always easy. Most of the time it comes down to experience and finding the one that suits your own personal preferences. However, there are ways to narrow down that search. Here are five things to consider to find the right Thai massage.

1. Professional

Perhaps the most important thing to look for is a masseuse who is professional. Someone who has the right qualifications, training and takes their massage job serious. They keep their massage room clean and organised, and their focus is on helping you and your body. People feel much more comfortable when they know the person is safe and secure – and a genuine therapist.

2. Experience

An experience Thai masseuse can work on the body more effectively than one who has only had a little training. Plus, if in an experienced masseuse stretches the wrong area or stands in the wrong place it can do more damage than good.

3. Price

An important factor for everyone – price. Thai massage should be priced reasonably enough to be accessible to everyone, but not so low that it makes it hard for the masseuse. Independent masseuses working from home can have lower prices, while those in shops or working for somebody else charge higher. There are always many business expenses, so the average cost for one hour of massage is between £30 and £45 depending on location.

 4. Physical need

Think about what your body needs – and ask the Thai massage therapist if they have experience of dealing with these problems. For example, an experienced Thai masseuse will know how to treat the sciatica nerve or tension in the neck. Ask first if they can fix you, before booking to see them.

5. Location

In the modern world location is very important as many people travel by car. This means that free parking has to be available. Also, it is easier to find a masseuse in the local city rather than 100 miles away – though some people will always have personal favorites that their willing to travel a long way for!